Saturday, 20 April 2013

Nearing the end of April already!

Not a hugh amount happened in my little world apart from work and dog walking.

The old girl Willow is under the weather at the moment which is really not nice but hoping she will pick up over the weekend.

On the crafting front, I have been busy making a crotchet granny squared baby blanket for a colleague at work who has become a dad for the second time.

I am loving making it as the squares do not too long to make and from the hours of love my son (now nearly 12) still gives his blanket I am hoping it will be well received.

I posted a picture on my Facebook of progress of said squares and to my joy a friend who has also not long become a dad also asked for a blanket for his beautiful daughter and to my great pleasure he is going to pay me to make it!!

So apart from this I have also been pottering in the garden another pass time I love along with sitting in it when the sun shows it's face, so I wanted to share some pictures of my lovely bespoke wall hanging I was given by Mrs AB, along with my alpine collection, magnolia tree and patio area.

Finally while Mrs and Master H were out at the cinema today I made a delicious Banana and Nut loaf thanks to Woman's Weekly receipe, just devine with a cuppa Earl Grey.

I hope your enjoying a lovely weekend, what are you up too?

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