Sunday, 17 March 2013

Swindon village walk on a spring day.

Most days i take my two dogs for a walk to a lovely area of Cheltenham called Swindon Village.
I love this what was a hamlet i'm sure before the sprawl started, it has a real mix of houses and the owners keep the front gardens really nicely.
So as spring flowers are springing and the lovely variety of colours are bringing joy to an otherwise dull grey days we have been having i wanted to capture some memories.

I love all the colours in this wall.
This picture does not bring out the full beauty of the two heathers.
Lovely idea for a way to display flowers.
My two companions.
A hole to ....
On the side of a bungalow such prettyness.
Excuse the head tilt.
I have been watching this being rebuilt.
One of my favourite gardens.
Heart shaped shutters and obviously a fire within, bliss.
Again not fully captured here, but lovely red.
Spring catkins.
Cherry blossom.
Another lovely garden display.
The silver and yellow are so vivid lovely combo.
Bright and fully of spring promise.

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