Sunday, 10 March 2013

Mother's Day

My Mother's Day as always is special for two reasons...

One I have the most truly magical/loving/kind and caring son I could ever, ever wish for.

Two I have a very special mum who I love dearly and a great mother in law and a wife, so my son has two mum's now.

Yesterday I spent the day with H at Crufts it is a great event but very tiring, I pity the exhibitors and dogs it must uber tiring for them.

Today me and H and Willow (the dog) took a walk to the local shop and purchased some lovely Carnations and Daffodils, one set for our house and another for Mother in Law as she is coming to wife's awesome Sunday roast dinner today and the gift I had ordered had not come in time.

The soap and dish I had sent direct to mum did and she LOVED them, said the soap smelt like spring.

With the rest of my day I shall be catching up thanks to IPad Mr Selfridge, Gardener's World and Planners whilst carrying on with my lovely new shawl I started am liking the colour graduation it looks lovely.

I have also painted my nails using Rimmel Metal Rush a choice master H picked out for me as he said I wear lots of browns and greens.

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