Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Buys of the week

Every day I have my fill of reading lovely blogs on my brilliant Ipad. Their are a few that I follow every post of. 
One of these is One Sheepish Girl the photography is amazing and her projects and general blog is so light hearted, fun and enjoyable. 
 On Sunday she wrote a blog and within this she featured a blog she loves to follow called Yours Truely yet another amazing blog followers Kerry's adventures and her stunning dress sense. 
Within Kerry's blog she mentioned a group called Time for T I had a listen to it on my Sound Cloud and they are really good and great acoustics's.
So that was my blog fill over the last couple of days, now to move on to my purchases online from my favourite crafty site Folksy.  I really like this site as it supports some amazingly talented craft folk who I would never be able to access otherwise.
My first purchase was for myself.  I have an ever growing collection of scarves and shawls and with these I like to be able to pin them into position.  This brooch just jumped out and said "buy me, buy me"  I love the detail and colour in it, such a simple yet very effective idea.
Hepsibah Designs on Folksy
The next three items are for impending Mother's day.
The scrumptious looking soap and the dish (which I would love!) is being sent directly to my mum as she does not live locally so I won't get to view them for a little while, but I think mum will love them.

Saffron Barr

Geranium and Calendula Handmade Soap
jessicacatherinecreates on Folksy

Bird Soap Dish


Joys of Glass on Folksy

Suncatcher Stained Glass
This last item has been personally customise by the maker with the horses name "Leo" underneath.  I just know Mother in law will  be chuffed with this as the colours reflect her horse perfectly, so when she is not at the field she can look at this with the sun shining through on the window.
For part of my Mothers Day treat I get to spend a full day with my glorious son as we are off to Crufts to fulfil our passion for dogs and spend quality time with him.  Then Sunday my adorable wife is cooking her awesome Sunday roast for us and her mum.

Basically I am certainly looking forward to the weekend.
I hope your week and weekend are filled with great things.

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