Sunday, 31 March 2013

Brean Down Easter Holiday

This year we had our first family break together since 2011.

The remit was to find accommodation that was next to the beach that would take dogs.

I came up trumps! I found this Brae-View Cottage.  It literally backs onto the beach and the views out of the opposite window are over towards Weston and Uphill.

We had VERY cold weather with temperatures not getting above 5 degrees in the day and frost most nights and the wind was very strong at the beginning of the week.  But undetered we took the dogs out four times a day and must have covered many miles along the beach.

On the Saturday and Sunday the beach had kite surfers which was great.

This was taken from the sofa in the lounge!

Hopefully you can make this out, it is flat holm island.

View from Brean Down over to Weston on last day. Note blue sky and buffy white clouds.

The skyline over to Weston, the pier changed from Red, Green to Blue on each night.

View from the kitchen window over to Weston.

Me and Indie walked up to Brean Down one very windy day was worth the view though.

Indie's footprints

Indie was master of all he survied.

Close up detail.

The wind blows so strongly this is how the branches on the trees grow.

Info on the Nature Reserve.

We saw all these birds at the beginning and end of each day when the tide was in.

This was my favourite house not only due to location but style of it.

Harry went rock climbing one day.

We saw many types of dogs on the beach but this one was my favourite.

One day me and Master H took a walk from Brean to Burnham on the beach and it brought back many childhood memories for me. 
The old ship wreck at on the beach at low tide at Burnham.
Burham on Sea Lighthouse.

The three lighthouses at Burnham information.

This is another childhood memory in terms of the peak you can see on the distant hill is called Crooks Peak and I spent many an hour walking up here.

Another great advantage to staying at Brean was we got to go on the beach before and car tracks and look what incredible textures nature gave us.

And between the rocks and the beach and rusty metal their was an areay of beautiful colours too.

So I hope you have enjoyed taking my little journey with me and until next time I will leave you with an image we had each day from the back garden.  Have a great Easter.

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