Monday, 18 February 2013

First Shawl finished.

It took six weeks and a lot of ripping back but I am so glad I persevered, here is the finished shawl.

The design is by the very talented Bristol Ivy and the pattern is called Thorn.

I have now started to learn and make granny squares thanks to a link on Ravelry by very helpful JustDeb0505, who shared this brilliant link on You Tube that I played many times before getting the hang of it but am loving them now.

I shall be not only making them as a traditional cushion cover but am also going to make more scarves from them too using up my sock yarn in the process.


  1. The shawl's looking good, I bet you're pleased that you stuck with it. I'm currently having a nightmare with a Fair Isle beret, that I keep having to unpick and redo :-/

  2. Fabulous shawl and the granny squares are just perfect!