Sunday, 10 February 2013

Deeply wicked and crotchet.

The time had come to wash my lovely top I knitted with Easy Knits Deeply Wicked Yarn that I purchased at Wonderwool last year.

I contact Jon the owner of Easy Knits and he recommended using Soak Wash a brilliant product that you just pour in one teaspoon of the liquid into a sink, put in garment for fifteen minutes, rinse and leave to dry.

The only supplier in the UK is Purlescence which had a great had a great Needle Conversion Guide on the back of the business card which was great.

When I was looking at the shop online I spotted Sarah Bayliss cards. They are just beautiful cards and I love the names given to the animals, like Vanessa the Cow and Colin the Camel.

This afternoon was dreary weather so we settled down to an afternoon film. I decided I wanted to start remembering how to do a granny square so I could make a cushion cover for work. Unfortunately I seem to have a mental block at the moment on how to make the crotchet lie flat, I only seem able to make it work round. This has worked nicely for my jar cover but I must learn how to work flat so I can achieve some lovely blankets like Lucy Attic 24 does.

I was looking through my blogs I follow and Matt in According to Matt has produced yet another lovely post. So inspired by this I decided to embellish my jar with some little crotchet flowers to go on my cover and fit in with the flowers we have on the kitchen windowsill.

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