Wednesday, 12 December 2012

New purchases

Ok I know it is only 13 days till Christmas but I have been buying three very exciting items to me that I would not get for Christmas.

Firstly is a practical item as I am growing my hair I wanted some nice grips to hold it up so I purchased loads of assorted colours for a mere £5!! They are housed in my lovely embroidered like bag I have had for a while now.

The next is an online purchase that I am really looking forward to starting.
I love Craftsy classes as you can drop in and out of them when ever you want and as one of my New Years resolutions already made for next year is to do more design work I thought this would be a good start.

Lastly and for fans like myself of Kate Davies incredibly talented work I was so very happy to come home to my signed copy of her book "Colours of Shetland". Not only are the designs within it versatile, colourful and wearable but the photography (another big hobby of mine) is truly outstanding. The book also goes into detail of the reasoning behind the designs which as an aspiring designing is such a unique insight. One day I really hope I make it to the Shetland Islands as I feel most "at home" next to the sea and for a knitter I believe it is a kind of homage that should be done.

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