Tuesday, 4 December 2012


I love this time of year, not only do you get to wear knitting related items to keep warm, but it is so lovely to cosy up and make goodies.

I am currently working on a Kim Hargreaves jumper in King Cole Riot, am loving how this yarn knits up. Along side this I am still making my "Hugh" crotchet blanket but it has got so large I only really like to do this when I know I will stay still for a period of time.

Along with the title of colours I wanted to share the beautiful colours in a bouquet my partner bought me a little while back as they are just so define.

I was very excited when I caught up on a couple of days worth of Blog reading to see that the incredible talented Kate Davies has bought a book out called Colours of Shetland.
http://katedaviesdesigns.com/colours-of-shetland-2/ she is truly an inspiration and I have promised myself next year I will do more designing.

Finally for those that love seeing the family dog here he is now aged 16 months!!

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