Friday, 17 August 2012

Trip to garden centre

Today was combination of visiting folks for a joint birthday visit as was my mum's 70th yesturday, my dad's 70th on Monday and my birthday Monday too.  So we went on the train knitting in toe and headed off for the day.

Due to the unseasonal very wet day we went to the biggest garden centre I know which houses everything from flowers, gifts, knitting, crafts, fish, hamsters and conservatories to name but a few.

The part I loved was all the textured and colourful pots.


  1. Happy Birthday (in advance!) - hope you have a great day. Looks like some good knitting you're starting on the train - looking forward to seeing what it turns out to be. Love a trip to a good garden centre :) x

  2. And you didn't bring the hamster home for me? Well I never :P Looks like you had a fantastic time