Sunday, 27 May 2012

Trip to the seaside.

We are having a short burst of lovely sunny weather in the uk (although as I type it is clouding over).
So we decided to head off to our favourite beach which is only an hour away and show Indie the delights of the sea.
Brean sands is a great destination as it has something for everyone.  There is a seven miles of beach from Burnham on sea, through Berrow and ending at Brean Sands and Brean Down where we go.
We combined a walk along the beach and the dogs playing in and out of the sea and then started our walk along Brean Down which is run by the National Trust.
On the south you can see Burnham-on-sea, the north Weston-Super-Mare.  Out to sea are the islands of Steep Holme which has a nature reserve and a Site of Special Scientific Interest.
You can also see out to Flat Holm another island given Site of Special Scientific Interest.  It is also steeped in history going back too 6th centuary where Anglo-Saxon and Vikings visited the island. In 1835 a sanatorium was built for patients suffering from cholera as an isolation hospital.  The island also boasts the largest population in Wales of Gulls.
We walked the three mile round trip to Brean Down Fort.  This is a fantastic peace of history with the fort being built in Victorian times and used in World World II .
We finished the day with a lovely ice cream which indie loved.


  1. It looked a really fun, did indi eat all the ice-cream? Hope it was nice day out x p.s how was willow?