Sunday, 8 January 2012

Some long awaited creative posting.

It seems a very long time since I have posted anything creative that I have been working on so I shall now share three projects that I have enjoyed making.

The first is a Christmas present for my beloved partner which I am really pleased with and was chuffed when Sublime  asked if they could use the picture of said jumper in their link on ravelry and mine on ravelry shows more detail.

Also over Christmas me and H went to visit the folks and I found my long and in previous years much loved Suee that had been knitted and made for my sister 49 years ago!! 

I decided to bring her home and to co-ordinate with the bedroom made her her very own dress.

The finally project I want to share is some fingerless mitts H asked me to make him, as being a boy it is not "cool" to be seen in a hand made jumper apparently! but mitts are cool and I have to say I am again very pleased with them.  The link to them and the pattern I have made is on Ravelry the only request I would make is if you are going to use the pattern please link to my page.

Lastly I had to share a new photograph of our walk on my phone setting of our lovely Cleeve Hill walk as I love the Panoramic shot it really conveys the view.


  1. I love this creative post, the jumper and the gloves are great...I am sure hand knits are very cool for kids/teens...Suee looks very posh, glamorous and happy with her new frock! :)

  2. Both the jumper and the mitts look really great. I like the shade change in the yarn used for the mitts.

  3. Love the Jumper! Very nice.
    How lovely to re-love your old teddy.
    Those look like very warm mitts no wonder he's pleased.