Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Christmas break 2011

Boxing Day 2011

As with every other day today was no exception in terms of dog walking and as with most weeks we had a lovely walk up Cleeve Hill.  I do find it fascinating how the weather is so different and creates such different images daily.

28th December 2011

It is tradition for me on 27th of December to always go and visit my folks and see my cousins.  This year had a nice twist as myself and H went to stay overnight.

On the 28th we had a visit to a town I love Clevedon and had a very blustery walk on Poets Hill and down to the pier.  I really like the different architecture in Clevedon with the buildings and the fact that you can see up the estuary to Gloucestershire and over to Wales.  We also came across a drinking fountain dating back to 1895!  They don't make drinking fountains like this anymore, it even had a fountain for your dogs to drink from!


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  1. My favourite wool and spinning fibre shop is in Clevedon. It is a great little town. :)