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Winter is here!

Been a little while since doing an update on "Indie".  Really I should re name my blog from "Textureknit" to "Indie" but as I am currently working on a knitting project which is taking a while to produce I thought I would keep my blog going in the vain of the development of the new puppy in the family and general photography.

Today was again the weekly trip up the hill with the dogs. But it was far more blustery and wintery than it has been in previous weeks.  Winter has really come upon us but I guess not as bad as north of the country where they have snow and in two weeks time it will actually be Christmas day!! Goodness that does not seem possible although I did finish wrapping all my presents yesterday so that is a good sign and we put up the decorations so it is a festive feel in our house now.

So this picture is the 3 stooges as I like to chart how Indie is growing against his counter parts Ebony and Willow. 

The was still some lovely colour around the hill in terms of berries on the trees, vivid yellow coarse and the lovely browns of the discarded leaves.

This was on the journey home when Indie is way more chilled!

Last weekend we had a trip to Cheltenham town centre and the Christmas fair and came home with the most amazing "buy of the year" blanket that is pure wool and I truly adore.

To finally equip ourselves for the winter and many hours of dog walking we visited Go Outdoors and I purchased a pair of snow boots that are basically like wearing slippers but will be awesome if we get snow and ice and a Gore-Tex "Paprika" coloured jacket that is sure to keep out the harshest rain (or so it says!) time will tell.

Next week is a going to be a great build up to Christmas starting with a Christmas show at cubs for Harry, followed by a lovely carol service at the local church by all of Harry's school.  Then for the first time I shall be going to a carol service at Tewkesbury Abbey which I think will be a lovely atmosphere and amazing acoustics with the choir boys singing.

So until next time which could possibly be Christmas post itself have a lovely wintery time.


  1. Oh such adorable dogs, i would like to take them for a walk, i usually take my neighbor's dog for walk. Dog Walking is really fun.

  2. Thanks. "Dog Walking" not sure how you came across my site, would be interested to know?


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