Sunday, 13 November 2011

Some views of Cheltenham and the surroundings.

Today was the weekly family walk up Cleeve Hill.  So today I decided to show some of the views that can be seen from the hill as it was a lovely blustery day with a low lying mist over the valley.

Cheltenham is famous for the races and this weekend has been a three day festival The Open.  We had a lovely aireal shot of the course.

From the distance their is a good land mark that is often used called the "3 masts" these are television masts and can be seen from a long way in the distance.

From a walkers point of view when being on the hill the wind swept tree and the three seats beneath is also a good point to head too. 

The cloud formation was lovely this morning with a really strong blue sky and white clouds.

From Cleeve hill on a sunny day you can see for many many mile, but today it was shrouded in a lovely reddish mist.

At the moment my blog can't be complete without pictures of the beloved Indie who is growing rapidly and becoming more adorable every day.  Hope you enjoy the pictures.


  1. Absolutely gorgeous dogs captured with some fantastic photographs. It really makes me happy to see them running and playing and enjoying the wide open space :) You must be very proud of them all.

  2. That's one of our favourite walks too, but each time I've forgotten to take the binoculars!
    We also forgot that it was race week and at the weekend went into town for a curry and it was heaving. Luckily, we went for an early sitting as we had Monkeychild with us, so were out of town by 8pm!