Sunday, 6 November 2011

Bonfire Night and Cleeve Hill Cheltenham

Remember remember the 5th of November!!

This year me and H decided to venture a little further afield to Tewkesbury for the bonfire extravagance.   It was organised by the Tewkesbury Round Table and hot dogs and burgers (which where yummy) were supplied by the 3rd Scout group.

H had never been (in his memory) to a night where they lite a bonfire prior to the fireworks, but to me this added to the whole experience of the night.

I love the effects you can get photographically with night photography and bright lights and the pleasure brought to the children by sparklers and glow in the dark toys.

Once the bonfire had started to die down it was time for the firework display which was enhanced by the fact that it had Tewkesbury Abbey as the backdrop!

Then for the weekend walk we decided to take the gang to Cleeve Hill for a beautiful autumnal walk.

Their was much running and chasing of balls but also a hugh amount of great behaviour by Indie who is only 14 weeks old and all legs!!

I also wanted to try and capture the "autumn" feel in my photography and on the homeward journey of our walk P discovered a fossil in the drystone wall.


  1. Great photography and its lovely to see all your dogs romping around together.

  2. Beautiful photographs, I love the three dogs looking up, what were they looking at? :)

  3. @Inthesky... they are looking up at my partner who is "the boss" and she trains them. I believe she is holding cooked liver so she had there undivided attention!!