Monday, 19 September 2011

Home grown and home made.

Hi fellow blog friends and visitors. 

For me this weekend was about spending time with the family and getting out and finding some "naturally grown" produce that H could enjoy for his breakfast.

We found a beautiful location in Cheltenham and filled a tub full to the brim with lovely juicy blackberries.

Then when we got home it was time for yummy home made cakes of fairy cakes and rice crispies dipped in chocolate mmmmmm.

H brought home from school a letter relating to a trip he will be doing with school next Monday to Steam Museum in Swindon as this year they are studying World War II and he is required to dress in the appropriate clothing of the period. 

So I am doing my quickest ever knitting project of a tank top for him from an pattern I am adapting and P is making him a tie, which is so sweet bearing in mind she never knits!!

On another related note I am very excited as H's school for the first time is running an after school "knitting club"!! to say I was excited was an understatement and am very proud to be a volunteer which really looking forward too.

Till next time happy crafting.

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