Sunday, 24 July 2011

My Fyberspates Scumptious shaw design

Hi fellow bloggers, sorry I have not posted for quiet some time.  Sometimes other things take over in your life and I didn't want to just post for the sake of it.

Anyhow for those that know me and my knitting will know I have been working with lovely Fyberspates yarn designing my own pattern.

I am really pleased with how it has come out but would love your opinion on whether you feel it is a pattern you would like to make yourself?

My wife has kindly agreed to model it for me as I wanted to show it being able to be worn in different ways.  I have also showed the close up detail of the edging which I finished off with crotchet.

I really hope you like it.

2.8.11 For anyone that would like the pattern it is available from my Ravelry site .



  1. That's gorgeous - what yarn and colourway did you use?

    (and I love the haircut :D)

  2. That's a great looking knit pattern and I really like the way it can be worn as a chunky scarf. I haven't knitted with Fyberspates yarn yet, is it really nice to knit with?

  3. ooooooo that's lush!
    Well modelled P!!
    I'd love to make one like that,you're so clever.

  4. Fyberspates is just awesome. I love Scrumptious in all its weights! Which one was this?

  5. @ JCW: The colourway is Teal in Scrumptious DK, & thanks i'll tell the wife you like it :)

    @ Vintage Knitter: I'm glad you like it, it wasn't until I cast off and tried different ways to wear I realised how versitle it was and even better when I added the two buttons. It was lovely to knit with, very soft.

    @ Tickety-boo: I'm trying to keep up with you on the skill level but have a way to go yet :) x

    @ Red Haired Hiker: This was the yarn I bought when we went to WI finally used :)