Monday, 9 May 2011

The power of Mother Nature and Felted Slippers!!

Ok so this may sound dull talking about the weather in a crafting blog!!! But stay with it.

We have had the most amazing weather for weeks and weeks now in terms of perpetual sunshine, which is great for being able to sit in the garden and craft but not good for the lovely plants and veg trying to grow!

But last week we had the most amazing thunderstorm to the point when I told little fella to turn off his TV as the thunder and lightening was so close together.  I then explained to him about counting between the flash of lightening and the sound of thunder and if it is very close together it means the storm is very near.  Also why he needed to turn off TV and not to stand near/under trees.  Anyway low and behold the next day took the dogs for a walk to the usual park where their is a variety of very well established trees.  To our shock one had been struck right down the middle by lightening!!

Yet this is what it used to look like.

It was amazing sight.  Me being me and cheeky from time to time just had to ask the guys who were sawing it up if I could take a peace home for posterity.
So ha presto worked out beautifully as it is perfectly flat for holding a cuppa on.

On Saturday I had the pleasure of attending a workshop run at Kingshill House nearly Dursley.  It is a lovely grand building

The workshop was run by Lucy from Along Came Polly shop in Stroud.  To say she is an inspiration and so knowledgable is an understatement!!

We spent 6 glourious hours knitting then felting our lovingly made slippers.

Here is mine pre felt.

They were so cute, wish I had tried them on pre felting.
It was very funny as I drove home in my slippers with shoes on top to keep the shape and then stuffed them with paper to dry out.

Very sadly though I have found out that not only do you have to make sure you knit the slipper correct first, but the wool you used too has a hugh impact on the final result.  So mine being Manos Del Uruguay it shrang dramatically.  But unfortunately they are not high enough on the back

Finally here is the latest on my granny square, have a way to go!
Thanks for dropping by, till next time.


  1. It was a fantastic day. I felted my second one yesterday so I will finish them today and post about them hopefully tonight.
    So sorry yours didn't fit :o( Gorgeous colour though.
    Tickety-boo x

  2. sorry about the slippers.
    it is such a pity when the best laid plans come to naught.
    never mind - you'll have the fun of knitting a bigger pair :-)