Friday, 27 May 2011

Cotswold Farm House

This week I had the absolute privilege of being able to photograph the truly beautiful house and gardens that is Cotswold Farm Gardens.

The house is part of the English Heritage due to the incredible history found within the building.  The original part of Cotswold Farm comprised of "a cowshed, with a granary above and cart-shed below."

The original building dates back to 1729.  In 1925 the house became home to what has been three generations of the Birchall family, whom originated from Yorkshire were they traded in the woolen industry.

Upon moving to their new home the Birchall's asked several architects for ideas on extending the home, but settled upon Sidney Barnsley, whom had been a pupil of Norman Shaw a renowned architect who had studied Byzantine Architecture and was largely influenced by William Morris.

On the outside of the building can be found dates recorded for history.

Within the building I came across to me what typified the "Upstairs Downstairs" with these adorable bells and which room it related to when rung.

The house itself has several aspects it can be admired from.  This is the front entrance to the home.

But I also loved the Terrace view and looking from the big lawn down to the south courtyard.

For me however my favourite view was from the shrub garden looking across and through the delightful flowers found on the Loggai Walk.

Then finally to round of a perfect morning I had the great joy of being able to photograph a few flowers that adored this garden which is featured in National Garden Scheme Gardens along with British Red Cross Open Gardens when they opened their doors in February to a display of 70 varieties of snowdrops.

So here is a snapshot of a few of my flora images.


I hope you have enjoyed viewing my dip into the history along with a trip into a glorious Cotswold home.

Until next time....


  1. Really fantastic pictures, i think you have caught the quiet beauty of the place really well!!

  2. nice love 'beauty within a tree' great composition!