Friday, 25 March 2011

Colours and Spring all together

I was sitting knitting away in various areas of the house and just was struck by how lovely it is that spring has arrived.  In the garden I have a forsythia bush and the colour is stunning especially against an incredible blue sky.

In the front garden we have a beautiful Magnolia tree which is now coming into blossom, I love the outside casing it is like velvet to touch.

The Hydrangea in the garden was getting top heavy so I brought a couple of the stems in.  What a lovely aroma they give off.

I also have come across this lovely little shop in a back street of my home town of Cheltenham
Goose Chase Quiltinig the window display is so lovely with differnt quilts being made up and the colours and range of fabrics is amazing.

So until next time enjoy spring and colours :)

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  1. Aha I found the comment box! Yay!!
    Such a beautiful Spring day today. Sorry I won't get to meet you in person tomorrow but I will have a date for the workshop soon.
    Have a lovely weekend